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Animal Medical Clinic

We are a hospital and boarding facility established in 1983. We offer a wide range of quality medical and surgical services for dogs and cats, while providing a nurturing environment.

We strive for continuing education for both the clients and staff.

We are located at 9450 Old Dixie Highway in Lake Park.

Call 842-1505 for an appointment.


Animal Medical Clinic is committed to providing top quality medicine to all patients. We have an in-house laboratory, x-ray machine , and EKG analyzer. This equipment helps us diagnose medical problems like organ failure, Diabetes, and heart problems. We also carry many medications to treat most illnesses, skin diseases, allergies and arthritis.


At Animal Medical Clinic many surgical procedures are available including spays, neuters, mass removals, declaws and more. We always recommend pre-surgical bloodworm to assess each patient's risk of anesthesia. We have both injectable and inhalant anesthesia and use the most appropriate combinations for individual patients.     A highly qualified assistant continually monitors the patients during surgery to ensure their safety. Specialist are available when needed .


We provide immunizations against many diseases. Vaccines for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, coronavirus, Rabies and Bordetella are available for your dog. Vaccines for feline distemper, rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, Rabies, and leukemia are available for your cat.  We are ready and willing to discuss the importance of each of the vaccines.  We will plan a vaccination schedule based on your pet's exposure to potential illnesses.


Have to go out of town? Call for a reservation for your pet to stay here in our boarding facility while you are gone. Not only will he be regularly walked, watered and fed, but also will be treated as part of our family while he is away from yours.  At Animal Medical Clinic all kennels are air conditioned and kept clean and free of smell.


A healthy mouth is important for the well-being and long term health of dogs and cats. Teeth cleaning and polishing should be performed regularly to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums. The complete cleaning procedure can be discussed with us. We also carry a complete line of dental homecare products for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Drop Off:

For those of you whose work interferes with our regular appointments, we have drop off appointments. Leave your pet with us for the day. While here, he can be vaccinated, have problems evaluated or just get a bath. Then pick them up on your way home from work.


Someone is always available to answer questions. After hours, the doctor is on call until 11:00p.m., for any emergency or question. Just call 842-1505 then press "0" for Dr. Wrights' answering service.  Leave your name and number and a brief description of the emergency. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.  After 11:00 p.m., call the Emergency Clinic at 561-691-9999.

Senior Checkups:

Is your dog or cat over 7 years of age? Then they are reaching maturity... becoming senior citizens. We all know that as we age our bodies decline. This is the same for our pets. That is why we at Animal Medical Clinic recommend age appropriate bloodworm to help us detect signs of illness before they show symptoms. There are many "old age" diseases we cannot cure, but we can slow there progress if we know early enough. Come in and talk with us about your aging pet.

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